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More Than Friends


Save The Dates

April 21

Oct. 12

Tea Party
Mini Tricky Tray

Michelle's Restaurant
32 Passaic Street
Garfield, NJ

Celebration of Life
Dinner Dance

The Graycliff
122 Moonachie Avenue

Moonachie, NJ



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per person

per person

MTF Public Relations- For More Information Contact:
Ethel Edwards 973-444-2036 • Dale Cephas 646-552-2295 

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To see the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

full gallery of photos (video/slideshow) - go to

More Than Friends YouTube page:



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To see the Celebration of Life Dinner Dance

full gallery of photos (video/slideshow) - go to

More Than Friends YouTube page:



More Than Friends Cares

Presenters: Bola Akinronbi MD.                                                 Trinay Thomas, LCSW



keeping our community safe

Dear Friends as we all are dealing with the impact of this pandemic virus, we want you to know that we at More Than Friends Cares, are here as a resource to help you get through this challenge.  We are still a community of stewardship and assistance to those that are in need of our support. Now more than ever, we continue our mission of outreach and support to those affected by cancer. Cancer surviors are a vulnerable group to this virus and it is of critical importance that we do what we can to continue to support you and your families!  Please see below safe practices and visit our resource page for more information specifically for cancer survivors and their families.

here are some helpful tips

thank you for helping us

expand our mission of health and wellness!


More Than Friends Cares hosted a successful dinner event in October 2019! The evening was filled with stories of inspiration and many moments of celebration.


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“We walk for the cure, we honor the fallen, we service the struggling, and celebrate the survivors. “

More Than Friends is a Latino/Caribbean/American Initiative that is dedicated to cancer survivors. However, in order to advocate good health practices to the community at –large, our website offers: 1. A free 7-day exercise program, and 2. A  free subscription to the magazines CURE and HEAL to everyone. In addition, our programs strengthen family life and structure, promote health awareness, quality education, community involvement, and economic empowerment.

pledge to
end cancer
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