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What Cancer patients should know about COVID-19

If I have cancer, am I at higher risk for contracting COVID-19?  If I have cancer how can I protect myself?

What People with Cancer Should Know About COVID-19

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Should People Still Get Screened During This Pandemic?

Health officials are urging everyone to stay home as much as possible to further reduce the risk of being exposed to COVID-19. What should you do if you’re due for a cancer screening?

Common Questions About Coronavirus Outbreak

American Cancer Society


Traveling for Cancer Treatments During This Pandemic

Some patients have compromised immune systems or other health issues to consider, such as lung disease. These conditions can put them at greater risk

Cancer Topics MD Anderson Cancer Center

Diet Plan

7 Quick & Easy Meals to help you stay healthy!

One crticial way to stick to your health goals and create lasting habits is to put together a meal plan each and every week. Get your FREE 7-Day meal plan to help you achieve your goals.

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Strength and Cardio Exercise 

We've created an AT-HOME exercise video for you to continue to stay physically fit and healthy during this time. Feel free to share this with others who are looking to stay fit and healthy.

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Diet Plan

Mental And Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is just as important as physical wellness. It is critical to pay close attention to your emotional and mental wellness for cancer patients as well as cancer survivors.

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